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 TAIKO Basic 1   /60 min 


In this class, you can learn very basic things about Taiko drumming. You will learn basic and simple rhythms, how to make wide and energetic body movement, how to implement smooth breathing through drumming. This class is suitable for starters and beginners.


In this class you learn the techniques that are the foundation to start your journey in the Yamato Taiko world.    

TAIKO Basic 2  /60 min 

In this class, you will learn still basic things with bit more essence added to Taiko Basic 1. You will learn more deeply how to play Taiko in a group not individually, feeling the greatness of making one sound together. It also starts you learn how to treat Taiko with respect, how to show your respect to Taiko and other members. By learning those you will be able obtain the skills of synchronization in a group.


This class is suitable for members who have learnt the complete song of “AUN”


TAIKO Basic 2 Hyuga  /60 min  

After completing Basic 1 and Basic 2, you are eligible to take Taiko Basic 2 Hyuga class. Lessons get more concentrated physically and mentally.


This class is suitable for members who completed Basic 1 and Basic 2 class. (Please talk to teachers if you are willing to take this class)


Throughout the year there might be other events coming up too, stay connected so you don't miss them!

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